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FPS drop after driver update to 19.12.2

Question asked by f03h4mm3r on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2019 by valuwu


I updated my 580RX 8GB from the 19.9.2 to 19.12.2 this morning.

Previously I had been playing Destiny 2 with an average of 200fps running at the standard 1080p with the settings on High.

After updating my drivers the game dropped to 70-80fps during loading screens (previously at 400fps) and during game play would drop down to 7-10fps in active combat at around 30fps when in a area with little to no action taking place.

I attempted to roll back the drivers to the previous state of 19.9.2 using Device Manager, and restarted the machine.

The fps drop was still constant.

Prior to this update, I had the most recent Windows updates installed, and everything worked fine.

I'm running:

Windows 10 Home 64 on 500GB Samsung SSD 840

Intel i5 9400

16GB DDR4 3200

Gigabite Radeon 580 RX 8GB

Games are installed on a Seagate Bara 2TB 7200

Gigabite MOBO Z370 Gaming 5

Home internet is 200mb down and 10mb up.


Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?