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Hi, I built a new gaming&work pc 10 days ago. Specs first;


Ryzen 5 3600

32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3000 Mhz

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus



I was having extreme mouse and audio stutter/dizzling. This is my 4th time installing Windows 10 in 10 days. Seems like fixed issues for now. If you got extreme stutter on audio and mouse pointer, this is just for helping the others. Because that bugs/problems freaked me out. Hope it will help someone. Let's start.


1) I read that X570 series have some compability problems with RX 5700 XT, so if you have X570 series motherboard,update the latest bios version, beta version says its improved PCI compability. I'm using the beta version now. Some other bios versions has black screen problems with RX 5700 XT(tested). I recommend getting the beta version.


2) Went to Win 10 Pro to Home at 4th install, I don't know if it affects.


3) Do not use Display Port. Use HDMI instead, I also read that 5700 XT with DP has lots of bugs compared to HDMI.


4) Don't install any AMD software/driver/overlay if you got those errors. Do a clean Windows install and update your bios, first time display on "Advanced display settings" will shown as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", just spend some time(with Internet connection) on desktop and windows will automatically recognize RX 5700 XT and will install 27/08/2019 dated driver, which is Adrenalin Edition 19.8.2.


5) Use CCleaner to fix registry errors.


6) Do not use 3.5mm jack headset. It stutters audio and all the system, use USB instead. Because I think RX 5700 XT conflict with Realtek Audio drivers, didn't tried it with a USB yet but as far as I know USB headsets have their own sound card and drivers, so no need to deal with Realtek. If your monitor has own speaker, it works properly with HDMI port.


7) If you are using any other browsers except Edge, disable hardware accelaration from their settings, also disable from any other program like Steam, Slack, Epic Store Launcher etc.


8) Set freesync off on monitor settings.


9) Disable/Off XMP profile from bios. It seems 5700 XT has bug with XMP profiles.


Those are my experience with RX 5700 XT,everything seems working now, performance is GREAT when it works properly, but the drivers/software/compability is very buggy.