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Complaint + CPU distributed computing support question

Question asked by prodigit on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by prodigit

First of all, let me give my feedback on the horrible registration procedure!
It took me a good 25 tries, or 10 minutes, to register via numbers or the written letters captcha; they're inhumanely difficult!

I felt like beating someone to a pulp, for setting up something so out of this world stupid!
Please, make the registration procedure more simple, so that normal humans (and not computers) may be able to register! 
Thank you!


I'm into distributed computing. Folding, Boinc.

I am currently running the blue team's Xeon processor, but am in the market for an upgrade.

The Epyc CPUs look very tasty, but have low support in the distributed computing fields, since they're ARM based.

I would like to ask if we're going to see more AMD official involvement in this market?
This is the reason, Nvidia has so many followers in GPU intensive tasks, not only because they're superior there (sorry AMD), but also because they offer great driver and software support, to make sure their GPUs are running on distributed computing applications.

From a random Folding poll, an average estimated >90% of GPUs are Nvidia (and <10% AMD). That's a market of over 3000 GPUs, just for folding.


I'm not looking for GPUs from AMD, but AMD does make great CPUs!

And many projects (like Boinc), still need CPUs for their crunching tasks.
Threadripper and Epyc are 2 CPUs I would love to see more official AMD support for, in the distributed computing fields.
Thread ripper is 100% x86 compatible, so that one is good. Epyc isn't.
But Epyc would make a far better AI/folding/crunching CPU than Threadripper...

I want to support AMD, and switch over, because they could potentially offer me a superior product of twice the performance my current Xeon CPU does; but without sufficient support, I won't jump the fence just yet.


So, are we going to see AMD backup these projects?