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570 custom resolutions?

Question asked by mr.buggles on Nov 10, 2019
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Why did the mods delete my original post? Now I have to re-type it all over again lol...



I have a new system with a Power Color RX 570...I'm trying to see how I can get it to work with my new Viotek 34" ultra-wide monitor. It can do simultaneous input and I have the left side connected via HDMI to an OTA tv tuner and the right side DP to the pc....The manual for the Viotek recommends that when it's running in dual input mode, to set the resolution for each side to 1280 X 1440. It doesn't appear that that is a selectable resolution for the 570 so I tried setting it to that manually in the AMD software but it said it wouldn't work there my question is, can Power Color or AMD create a firmware or software update that would let me select 1280 X 1440? The monitor looks fabulous in full screen mode at 3440 X 1440 but dual side by side input, the pc is kind of scrunched up and the text small and hard to read. The best I can make it look in split screen mode is  2560 X 1080. Thanks for any input.