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I have a PC with A8-7650k with R7 and a discrete 570. I can't play COD MW because I have 1GB VRAM when I have 8GB VRAM on my 570. I don't think my 570 is working. I also can't find the 'Powerplay option'

Question asked by sugar123 on Oct 30, 2019
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I tried to open COD MW but it says I need more VRAM (I only have 1GB) when my RX 570 has 8GB
Screenshot - 0376227605f7dec4bb5c066df1f029e7 - Gyazo 


I dont think my RX570 is being used and it is always on 0%
Screenshot - b999bb00e9f8d32c7af0537a29550123 - Gyazo 


On device manager it says my monitor is running on my R7 also, so I baisically need a way to run my 570 on my monitor