Radeon 5700 xt (msi) low input lag feature

Discussion created by gunlinux on Oct 27, 2019

After fresh install of drivers low input lag works pretty well i can turn it on/off by pressing alt+l. But after few days of using i have troubles by turning it on. 


It's look turned on, but on start every game i have error sound, same then i press alt+l. Sound changing from ok, to beep-noish sound.



radeon 5700 xt 

radeon software 19.10.2

global offensive(dx9) (1024x768 - scalled)/ apex (full hd 240hz) / control(dx11)(full hd 240hz) 



1st question: is there some dependensies of using low input lag feature?

2nd: with using dp, i can't turned off freesync mode on my monitor. It totally ignores driver settings. I got two fixes 1st - using hdmi, 2nd - creating custom crt resoultuin with freesync range > supported by monitor.