Rx 5700 xt, Stutters only in desktop, games are fine. Stutters only @100hz, 60hz fine

Discussion created by alawamiaz on Oct 11, 2019
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random mouse stutter (Very noticeable, probably ~100ms stutter) that occurs randomly 1-3 times/minute in desktop only



MSI b450-a pro


16gb micron e die @3800mhz

5700xt sapphire pulse (bios version,

screen: acer ed347cr (3440x1440@100hz)

Mice: happens to both of my Model O and G502

Software: latest update to windows (OS build: 1836.2.418), GPU (19.9.3 and 19.10.1) and Chipset ( drivers


New windows install, it also happened with my previous motherboard (asrock B450m/ac returned it for another issue)..Here's the weird thing.. the stutter is very noticeable, so if it happens in-game I would definitely notice it, but it NEVER happened inside games ---to me this screams GPU/driver issue, but i don't know---. If i'm watching youtube video, the video also stutter if i move the mouse in circles to induce the stutter.



Disabling 5700 xt driver in device manager fix the stutter.

changing the refresh rate from 100hz to 60hz fix the stutter.

Disabling freesync makes no difference