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Rx 5700xt Stuttering and Fps Drop Issue.

Question asked by ladyhks on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by samde
I just took this card, and after putting it on my pc , with my biiiig surprise I start to see this is much much much worse than my rx590 8gb... WIth my old rx590 don't have any problem.
I went to google rx5700xt "stuttering" word and a whole world opened to me.
Tried everything I could and everything i found on net... Also with a fresh windows install... nisba nada.. nothing...
The card is just not boosting, while gaming max I see is around 500 mhz
Also while using OBS I have very heavy stutter, especially when I switch from any window to game
Is this card gonna get fixed or I should return it back?
Cpu:Ryzen 5 3600x;Motherboard:x570 Gaming Edge WIFI;Ram:Gskill Trident z Rgb 3600 Mhz cl 18;Storage:Ssd 500gb + 2x HD 1tb;Psu:Seasonic focus plus platinum 650w