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amd radeon hd 6520g + 7670m but 7670m not listed in device manager

Question asked by arifbtaqwa on Oct 7, 2019

I have laptop Asus K43TK and it have dual graphics (AMD Radeon® HD 6520G+HD 7670M with Dual Graphics) but I don't know why after I reinstall my Windows7, my AMD Radeon® HD 7670M can not detected or listed in Device Manager.


Previously in my Device Manager listed both AMD Radeon® HD 6520G and AMD Radeon® HD 7670M. You can check the specifications on Asus Website K43TK | Laptops | ASUS Global .
Even if I reinstall my OS, everytime I install the Drivers from Asus CD Drivers in Device Manager always listed both graphics.But now I just have 1 graphic listed (AMD Radeon® HD 6520G).
Please give me solutions on this matter.