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Ryzen 3600 temperature sensors

Question asked by vooker525 on Sep 28, 2019

bought Ryzen 5 3600, DeepCool Archer Bigpro cooler, GYGABYTE B450 Aorus Elite motherboard and RAM for it. System launched fine, updated BIOS to latest version (was F41, updated to F42c). The thing is, that temperature jumps instantly, not slow or fast, just instant. Im curios if its sensor problem or motherboard. Unsure if its cooler, i replaced it several times with different amount of thermal grease, results are same. With Ryzen benchmark, CPU temperature jumps from 39C to 69C in 2 seconds, then reaches 79C to the end of test (30 seconds total). AIDA64 bench starts from 40C and jumps to 80C as soon as i press "Start" button then slowly raises up to 95C. Also it cools at the same rate regardless of fan speed Previous CPU was much cooler in synthetic benchmarks with stock cooler.
Im unsure if there are any overheat protections for this CPU, will it throttle or shut down if overheats?
Any suggestions? I dont want to get non warranty stone in first week Maybe cooler is really that bad (AM4 socket cooler mount is the worst thing)