2700X EDC Limit 382726976 A?

Discussion created by kalak on Sep 10, 2019

I recently bought a Dell 5676 with an AMD R7 2700X processor.


For some reason I couldn't see it moving from 3.7-3.8Ghz in task manager. If I run an all core stress test, it hits 3.75Ghz all cores and then won't go any higher. Temperatures hit around 65-70 during the test. 


After some research I changed the power mode to balanced and installed Ryzen Master.


However I'm seeing some strange behaviour.


Doing a task as simple as switching tabs in Chrome will throw the EDC to 95%-99%.

I am getting micro-stutters, though in some cases they are up to 1 second before the system will respond to input.

Also the PPT limit is showing as 382726976W and the EDC limit is showing as 382726976 A.


Any ideas on what I can do to get closer to the advertised 4.3Ghz boost speeds?


Side note, it's a fresh install of Windows 10, updated to the lastest version. 1903-18362.329


First screenshot is from a simple task like switching tabs in Chrome. 2nd screenshot is running the stress test.




EDIT: As a final note, AMD Ryzen Master will load approximately 10% of the time. Most attempts result in a blurry window, then a 'not responding' dialog for about 5-10 seconds then a hard crash out.