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Radeon VII HDMI only works in 1080

Question asked by graymin on Aug 24, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2019 by graymin

I have 2 LG monitors in Freesync @ 3420X 1414


a samsung 4K TV 43" Hooked up to HDMI I use to be able to run it at 4800 x 2120

now I cant take it past 1920X1080  all screens will start going black and on again 

I think the HDMI ports is bad I switch cables and no joy

and some times I do even get an option to increase the screen res on the 4K tv


Windows 10 pro

AMD 3800X 32G of Ram

X570 Aorus Xtreame Motherborad


anyone have problems with the HDMI port ?