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chipset driver installation bug

Question asked by xlox on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by xlox

new chipset driver version :amd_chipset_drivers_v1.8.19.0915


same problem as previously : I can't install them with the exe file.


I have a "1603" error in the log file, the one created by that installer (c:\users\me\AMD_Chipset_IODrivers.log), when I check it, at the end of the file it is said :


"MSI (c) (84:40) [01:45:13:478]: Product: AMD_Chipset_Drivers -- Configuration failed"


even if the installer says "successfully installed" when it's finished and display the "reboot now" button in fact nothing installs, so imagine the poor quality of that "installer"...


so I have got to find the extracted files and there are a lot of files and had to search them in



now i have a lot of "things" to uninstall in a case of a new version to install , it's really a mess now ... will I have to reinstall windows just because of this and hope it won't happen again then ?


Do I have to search fixes myself as customer care says "it's not us it's microsoft" ? the fact is it's just some drivers and they are the only that I can't install (in a normal way) and AMD accuses microsoft ? I thing it's beginning to be a little strange