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Ryzen Balanced Plan missing, high EDC.

Question asked by agamythe on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by kaitlin4599

Hello, I can't see the ryzen balanced power plan. I installed the drivers and tried everything I found here, hope you'll help me. Also, when i turn windows balanced power plan EDC jumps to 99%, and when I try to edit some videos PPT is also going up to 99%. What am I supposed to do? 


//edit: using power saver plan is turning everything back to normal, but it still reduces my performance


//edit 2: OK, I've found the power plan installer when messing around with drivers CD i got, but still PPT and EDC are on 99% even with Ryzen Balanced Plan. I can't edit videos or play games, i'm scared something will blow up.



my specs:

mobo: msi b450 a pro

cpu: ryzen 5 2600

gpu: gigabyte gtx 1660 oc 6gb