How can a User determine if their 3rd Generation Processor is running abnormally hot?  AMD provides no Reference Max. Temperature under Specs.

Discussion created by elstaci on Aug 3, 2019
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AMD, in the past, has posted a Reference Max Temperature for all 2nd Generation Ryzens all the way to Non-Ryzen Processors.


But with the 3rd Generation Processors the only Spec mentioned is the reference to its TDP Wattage.


In AMD Forums: Processors, Many Users are posting questions concerning if their 3rd Generation Processor is running hot or it is normal temperature.  With no Max Operating Reference Temperature it is difficult to determine if the processor is running hot or normal for its load.


You can't compare, in my opinion, 2nd Generation processors Max Operating temps or below to 3rd Generation processors since both are engineered differently with different power and temperature requirements. Even if a 3rd Generation Processor may have the same TDP as a 2nd Generation Processor.