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Radeon updates keep access to when ESET internet security reports "Potentially unwanted content found". AMD Please!!

Question asked by andre on Jul 17, 2019
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As I am trying to bring here, so far as it is a big topic in ESET Forum. The Radeon software in my case rightnow I'm using the latest one 19.7.2 with a RX 580 Rog Strix 8gb.

Everytime I try to use "game explorer" to set up different settings, my payed ESET Internet security freaks out poping lots of warnings and respective blocks. - Eset report "This web page is on a list of websites with uncertain reputation or potentially unwanted content and has been blocked."

Reporting, reading info, I've found that this is not a case of false positive. As reply made by Eset admin "The application served by the blocked address is detected as  Win64/SystemRequirementsLab PUA so the PUA block is ok and it's not a false positive. The question is why on earth RadeonSettings.exe attempt to access that url."


Thread here - 


This is too frustrating. Being customer of both companies and deal with this. What it is happening with this link? If it truly is a false positive, is it trusteful? ESET thinks not!!! Then AMD staff can verify and explain to ESET.


please can you have a look in this?


My eset log file have hundred of "Blocked by PUA blacklist"

Time;URL;Status;Application;User;IP address;SHA1
17/07/2019 21:29:35;;Blocked by PUA blacklist;C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\RadeonSettings.exe;TENNO\pc;;69DA926E73F28F1926737F71D50FE995E010D014


Can you please help sort this out,
Thanks your attention.