Stock cooler ruined Ryzen 3600 + Abysmal Customer Support

Discussion created by greengnoblin on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by dacq

I recieved my Ryzen 3600 and upon installing it everything seemed to be working as expected. However I decided the position of the wire was problematic so I decided to take the cooler off to get it in a better position.


When I slightly loosened one of the screws, because of the tension caused by the springs coiled around the screws it immediately popped up, taking the CPU with it. This bent multiple pins and also snapped 1 clean off.


The entire time I was following the instructions, but they are pretty much useless and don't even really show how the cooler is installed. There is no warning about these screws doing this, despite the fact that there are dozens of threads on different forums of people complaining about this exact same issue. I've attached a picture of the instructions for

anyone reading this to decide what they think.


I decided to ring up customer support as I don't think I'm entirely responsible for this, and was told that I was liable for the damages, I asked if there was any way to get it repaired, the customer service rep instructed me that I could 'watch some YouTube videos and fix it yourself' 



I guess take this as a warning about the CPU cooler, cause if you ring up AMD support you're not going to get any help.