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The temps are really high with 3700x

Question asked by draghmar on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by brucer


I have issues with my new setup based on Ryzen 3700x. I choose to be early adopter after many years sitting on i7-3770K boosted to 4.2GHz because you know - more corez 

Those are the components I bought:

  • Ryzen 3700x (obviously),
  • Asus Prime X570-Pro (newest BIOS),
  • 2x16GB G.Skill 3600MHz RAM (XMP),
  • Fractal Design Define C case.


What I choose to use from previous set up are:

  • MSI 1070 Gaming X,
  • Asus Xonad DX,
  • Noctua NH-U12P SE2,
  • Thermaltake PSU (don't remember exact model but something above 600W for sure).


As for the issues...The main one is how hot the CPU gets. Right now, doing almost nothing, it sits around 55-60°C. After turning comp on it have over 43°C in BIOS itself. Doing anything rise it up to almost 50°C (still in BIOS). So now imagine what happens when I actually stress it out somehow...Using Prime95 makes it jump to 90°C easily. (both HWiNFO and Ryzen Master separately says that) Very, very easily. To the point I have to stop it after short while becaue it was getting to the 95°C limit. I played For Honor last evening and comp froze. I've checked case surroundings and it was so hot that it could be oven instead of PC case.


Reviews showed that stock cooler was doing great job at cooling this CPU to reasonable levels so my Noctua should do the job even better. I did try to reapply cooler thinking that maybe I did something wrong but it didn't help at all. I tried Wrath Prims just for the sake testing it and it still didn't do anything good. I'm back to Noctua. is it possible that there something wrong with my unit?

I did turn off PBO and set the vcore offset to -0.075 and it did help - Prime95 set at 89.9°C and idle is somewhere around 50-55°C. But now my CPU does not boost as marketing said it should which makes my purchase experience quite bad. And it is still way too hot, especially for idle. What will happen when I launch something that uses more cores and at the same time put full load on GPU? Everything will fry?

BTW With PBO turned on vcore is average 1.478V, max 1.531V, min 0.981V (HWiNFO readings).