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RX590 drivers, and Kubuntu 19.04

Question asked by killgorack on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by pokester

Just switched from Windows to KDE Flavored Ubuntu, disco dingo. The computer AMD was built new, including the Radeon RX590 sapphire NITRO+ video card. The card works out of the box within the games I play, however there are some things I need the drivers for.


Drivers do exist, but for an earlier version of Ubuntu 18.04.02. These drivers however do NOT work with the newer version of the OS. When I rolled the dice and tried them, on reboot we get black screen, and have to re image to a prior state before the drivers were installed.


My questions before I roll back the OS, what are the plans for the newer versions of Ubuntu? Is there a standard time frame that these are developed after the release of an OS?


No biggie here, just curious.