VEGA 56 Random Black Screen

Discussion created by imbmf on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by fujiyama-95

Radeon RX Vega 56 Asrock Phantom Gaming X 8gb


Windows 10 64 bits 1809

Radeon 19.5.2

Samsung Display 60hz 1920x1080

A320M-HD2 - F31 Bios version

Ryzen 5 1500x

Coolermaster Masterwatt Lite 700w 80 plus

8GB RAM 2400mhz HyperX ddr4


Hi! yasterday i bought this card, and i installed everthing okay but later when i turned the Computer and i start to install the drivers. after installing the drivers, the monitor started to turn off and on without stopping, I thought it was a system error
so I did a zero installation of Windows 10 and installed the corresponding drivers and started doing the same,
and still does! already try with old drivers, changing the monitor, changing the power supply, and this only happens with my graphic,
with my old RX 580 this does not happen, what can it be? and when you erase the drivers the monitor becomes normal,
and this happens either under load or surfing the internet


(sorry for my bad english)