Wattman Crash / Restored - Radeon 7

Discussion created by mgr83 on Jun 2, 2019
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Hello all

First time on this forum - please be kind lol


I've been running a R7 since launch at stock frequencies with a stable undervolt (using Heaven) at 962mv.  All has been OK until about three weeks ago.  I'm now having frequent (hard) crashes with Wattman settings being restored on restart. 


The crashes mainly occur when the PC is idling on desktop.  The screen goes black and the GPU fan picks up.  The PC is unresponsive. All I can do is power off and restart. 


I've tried:

Resetting back to Wattman default settings

Using two separate power cables to PSU

Uninstalling and reinstalling Adrenaline Driver


Looking on the forums some people have suggested the problem is too little volts at the lower power states.  I'm currently running Wattman at 962mv across all power states.  This has helped but the system still fails eventually. 


It maybe unrelated but I've also noticed the GPU loading is highly variable during gaming.  This has not lead to a good gaming experience, particularly in VR due to frame drops.  I've attached a pic to demonstrate.  Temps are all good, esp. with undervolt.


Is anyone else having the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Thinking about RMAing the card as I've had about enough of it


Thanks in advance




FX8370 @ 4.5GHz (Yes I know - i'm waiting for Ryzen 3k)

Asrock Extreme 3 board

16GB DDR3 @ 2400MHz

PSU rated at 750w

Various SSDs

Windows 10

Driver version 19.5.2