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Ryzen 7 2700 random black screen

Question asked by buhster on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2020 by gmergulhao

Hello. For a year now, since the moment of purchase, I suffering from the problem of randomly dead freeze whis black screen. I have never used overclocking CPU and already replaced the power supply, RAM, video card, CPU cooling and improved the cooling of the case. The problem remains.


I can not understand the pattern. The temperature of the processor does not rise above 60 °C as the system temperature (in fact, I have never seen more than 57 °C). The hang is not related to the load, because may appear at any time (under full load in the game and without load at all). Operating time without hanging up varies from 1 minute to 16 hours. And this is not a BSOD - just a black screen with no signs of life, requiring a reboot. I tried to lower the voltage vsoc. I thought that the motherboard tore them too high. I tried to use stock values. I tried to use RAM from 2400 to 3466 recommended by the manufacturer of the motherboard as fully compatible. Nothing helps. In the end, I had two suspects left: the motherboard and the processor. Help me to understand.


My system at the moment:


  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700
  • MB: MSI x470 Gaming Plus (BIOS ver.: 7B79v19 as latest stable)
  • RAM: Kingston HX434C19FB2K2/16 (DDR4 16Gb (2x8Gb) 3466 MHz pc-27600 HyperX FURY Black, was previously installed RAM 2x8Gb DDR4 Samsung M378A1K43CB2-CRC)
  • GPU1: Radeon RX Vega 10 (MSI Radeon RX Vega 64 Air Boost 8G OC, was previously installed Gigabyte RX 480 8G Gaming 1)
  • GPU2: Quadro P400 2GB (HP 1ME43AA - removing the card does not solve the problem)
  • Sound card: Asus Xonar DX (removing the sound card does not solve the problem, sound card integrated into the motherboard is disabled)
  • NVMe SSD: Samsung Evo 960 (MZ-V6E250BW)
  • SSD: SanDisk SDSSDHII240G
  • PS: Seasonic Focus+ Gold 750FX
  • CASE: fractal design define R4 (installed x3 120mm cooler, two on the front panel, one on the back. Speed control is set manually and the fans operate at 80% at 50 °C and at 100% at 55 °C)
  • CPU cooller: AMD Wraith Max (was previously installed AMD Wraith Spire)