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Keep 4:3 aspect ratio

Question asked by captainviggo on May 29, 2019


I've bought a 2019 iMac that come with a Radeon Pro Vega 20. I've installed Windows 10 via Boot Camp mainly for PC gaming.


I've launch an older game that can only be played in 4:3 but the picture in stretched to fill the display.


On my previous computer, I was able to use Catalyst and check the "keep aspect ratio" option, but here it is nowhere to be seen... In the Radeon Pro Settings, the GPU scaling option (which, if what I've read is right, I believe is where I could find an aspect ratio option) is said to be unavailable...


In the advanced settings panel, which looks a lot like the Catalyst interface, the "My digital flat panels" section (which normally contains options for GPU scaling and aspect ratio) is also nowhere to be seen...


So, what is the solution? How can I launch 4:3 games without stretching the picture?