19.5.2 still doesn't fix Vega 64 fan control problems

Discussion created by witekrolka on May 25, 2019
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I just installed the 19.5.2 driver and was hoping that it finally addresses the broken fan control issue that has been present post the 19.1.1 driver. Unfortunately it is sill broken......... I raised this issue about a month ago and there have been several driver upgrades since but none of them have addressed the issue. FYI, every time I upgrade the drivers a perform a clean install.


Below is an image of the fan speed when running 19.5.2 drivers while in a menu screen of Diablo 3. The temp is under 40C while the fans are going bananas for no reason.

The same Diablo 3 menu but with 14.1.1 drivers, even after the card has been warmed up, the fan speed is much, much lower even at a higher GPU temp.

Both fan curves are set to Auto, but even if I use a manual fan curve, the 14.1.1 drivers adhere to it while any later driver version seems to ignore it and ramps the fans up to max.


Please fix this issue ASAP because I can't upgrade to any driver post 14.1.1 because all of them run the fans at ridiculous speeds even when the temperatures don't require it.