RX580 Crashes after stutter sound during games

Discussion created by snac on Apr 16, 2019
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I have bought a new GPU around 2~3 months ago. Every now and then I experience this crash:


1) PC emits stutter robotic like sound
2) black screen, can't do anything, PC stays on
3) Only a hard reset or power down will solve the problem

Please note that this only happens while playing games.


I've tried switching up the GPU socket on the motherboard, however I have been experiencing this same issue with any socket I try it on. This does not happend while the PC is performing other non gaming activities.
I have also run a windows run test to no avail.



I was wondering if this could be a innate technical issue or a faulty PSU. This crash doesn't seem to follow a strict rule as it happens randomly sometimes. but even then it may still crash sometimes...

I have attached some CPU-Z reports about my hardware, if you need more information to help me let me know.
My PSU is a XFX 650W, 80 bronze plus. It over 7 years old...