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Issue setting up graphics card for second screen via HMDI Cable

Question asked by spike7491 on Apr 11, 2019

Hello there


I have just spent a lot of time and effort fitting a HDMI Cable under my floor boards so that I can send videos etc from my PC to my TV , when I first connected my HDMI cable to my Graphics card on my TV  ( my monitor is connected to my graphics card via VGA cable  ) ,  I got my desktop image but no icons were showing .


I messed about with the AMD Catylist Control centre settings , then I got icons showing , but when I come out of the AMD Control Center they did not show and now when I plug in the HDMI cable , then click on a icon it does not load up to a full screen just shows on the bottom task bar , if I hover over the icon then it will show a mini full page obove it .


So I do not know what has happened I can not do any settings with the HDMI cable plugged in because there is no full screen to see anything .


Has anyone got any idea what the problem could be , I am thinking of removing the Graphics card uninstalling the AMD Control Center then reistall card etc ! .