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Is the r9 200 supported under win 10 64?

Question asked by pcoletti on Mar 21, 2019
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Is the R9 200 supported under Windows 10 64?


Been running Win 8 and 8.1 for some years with this card -- no problem.


Upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit about 2 years ago and have been getting blue screen crashes regularly with memory errors (not exclusively).


Also get Chrome browser deaths (the black reload screen) and occasionally get Windows Divx errors when running CoD MW2 but most often when running CoD MW2 I'll get freezes for about 8 seconds which eventually resolve themselves (it's as if the driver is being quarantined and then reloaded). Also see weird artefacts on screen when playing CoD.


I've spent the last year upgrading hoping that the crashes will eventually be ironed out but I've had enough and am about to ditch the card but thought I might try the forum -- I can see others have had similar issues but there seems to be no real response from AMD.


So after many months of clean Win installs and AMD upgrades I'm now running 

Win 10 64 (1709)

Radeon 18.12.2


And before anyone asks -- I am unable to upgrade my Win 10 any further -- it simply errors out during the upgrade and restores my previous version (1709).