HELP! ProRender Blender 2.79 laggy and slow viewport render update

Discussion created by inputhone on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by bsavery

Hello, i am new to ProRender and have been using Cycles before. Unfortunately, when using ProRender with Blender 2.79 on my Mac Mini (2018 i7 32GB ram Mojave 10.14.3) with an eGPU Saphire AMD Nitro Vega 64 (in an external Mantiz Venus enclosure) i get very laggy viewport updates, which make using ProRender very unusable. Render time for final images is pretty fast, but whenever i drag an object just a small distance everything waits until forever befor the viewport render is updated and my solid shade 3dview is stuck.


In Cylces it was possible to simply drag meshes fluently no matter if viewport render in another window was finsihed calculation iterations. Because in ProRender i cant see any colors, textures or reflections ins material view it is impossible for me to compose a scene when i cant see it vs. have to wait 15 sekonds for every movement i make inside the scene.


I tried different settings (CPU vs GPU vs both, resizing and low percentages of size, time orientated viewport render and low iterations). It is always laggy. Am i doing something wrong? is there another way to see materials without rendering the viewport? Please help a newbie.


I was hoping Prorender would rescue me since Cycles with my Vega 64 on macOS Mojave seems to not work. It is 5 times slower than using my internal CPU for final renders. So i was hoping ProRender would be a fast and professional alternativ for keep using blender with eGPU on a Mac system