Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Blender

Version 5

    To improve the quality of Radeon ProRender and get feedback from users, AMD is posting "beta" builds weekly(ish) of the plugin.  Please add comments or questions, any feedback below.  Also below is a list of changes since the latest released plugin on https://pro.radeon.com/en/software/prorender/download/


    Please note that this build is meant as a preview and is unsupported compared to the official build.  Feedback on the changes below is greatly appreciated!



    • Added a "flat color" BSDF shader node for simple texture maps with no emission.
    • Added a RGB->Black and white node
    • Sequences of .rpr files can be exported (animations)
    • Bug fix:   Denoising on mac uses correct GPU (noticeable on eGPU systems)
    • Bug fix:  Older Uber2 setups should work now
    • Various stability fixes
    • Viewport rendering interactivity is greatly improved by writing rendered framebuffer directly in OpenGL



    • Denoiser changes while viewport rendering change the denoiser output.
    • Added Out of core texture cache setting for viewport and material renders (set in size of system memory to use for cache). This will improve performance of viewport rendering with many textures.
    • Depth of Field in viewport renders uses the global setting.
    • Fixed shadow catchers.
    • Uber:  Added Sheen setting for rendering cloth or velvet material.
    • Lightgroup aovs:  New AOVs are added "Environment", "Key", "Fill", and "Emissive" lighting aovs.  These split final color by the light that contribute them.  So for example all light from the world environment light goes to the "Environment" aov.  Lamps can specify if they are in the Key or Fill light group.
    • Changing frames while viewport rendering now should no longer crash
    • Added triplanar, camera projection and procedural UV mapping nodes (under "mapping" node menu) - note these currently don't work in macOS GPU rendering.



    • Uber:  Added refraction normal socket
    • Fixed error message with project plugins.


    Thanks for helping test!

    AMD RPR team


    Windows:  Dropbox - RadeonProRenderBlender_1.7.241.msi

    macOS:  Dropbox - RadeonProRenderBlender-1.7.239.dmg