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AMD Threadripper 1920x,permanent system failure.

Question asked by ksyado on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by misterj

Sorry for the bad translation, used google translate,but i hope you can understand the text.


AMD Threadripper 1920x

ASUS ROG Strix X399-E gaming

HyperX 4*8gb 2666Mhz HX426C16FW2K4

Palit Geforce 1060 6gb

PS Chieftec 850w

Cooling Noctua NH-U14s and 5 coolers 140mm 

SSD Samsung EVO 970 500gb

HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB


computer case AeroCool XPredator II


Hello. Looking for help in finding problems with the PC. I collected myself a new PC in December. In general, I started testing on strong games (The Witcher 3, Assassin Odysseus, FarCray NewDаwn), constant crashes and blue screens (I will attach minidumps), video driver dump and its restart (even a couple of times just from the desktop or browser), I handed in 2 times to service centers, who said that everything worked like a clock for them (the former had a reason for the video card, changed it on the RX590, nothing changed at home, the second seems to be a problem gone after flashing the BIOS and adjusting the coolers videocards, and upon arrival home, old symptoms are immediately detected. Sentinel checked the disks, there was a suspicion of SSD, installed a Windows on the HDD and removed the ssd, nothing changed. Video cards were changed 4 pieces, right now I stopped at 1060 6GB, everywhere the same in terms of errors. I bought myself a voltage regulator, I thought there were jumps in the house, suddenly because of this, it did not help. I checked memory with memetest 2 times, and in the first service they did it too. I installed different old, new drivers everywhere the same way. Stress test in AIDA64 it fails only with RAM (maybe after 3 seconds, maybe after 5 minutes, says Warning: Hardware failure detected! Test stopped), OCCT runs stably. Furmark and analogs calmly, FPS is excellent, there is no overheating anywhere. I am honestly perplexed and in despair.
I collected it for rendering in 3D Max, but so far I haven’t even reached it .. for sense, if the system is not stable, after all this shouldn’t be so that the games crash out after a minute or an hour (by the way there is no regularity of freeze).


I'm going to take a percent and mother for warranty service, but for now I want to know the opinions of professionals, all of a sudden I can do something else.


If i missed something, then tell me. I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.