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Global Wattman custom settings reset after pc reboot

Question asked by emulsie on Mar 15, 2019

Hi there,


Since I have my Vega 56 gpu, I have problems with Wattman. I would choose the "Custom" profile and edit the next:


- Power limit

- Core clock

- Core voltage

- Memory clock


After a reboot of my pc, only the power limit setting is still applied. The other settings are on their default values again.


I am currently using Adrenalin 19.3.2. But I had the problem since the start (one month ago).


I tried removing Afterburner completely since I read many posts about it conflicting with Wattman.

Also my "Fast boot" option in Windows 10 is disabled. This being enabled could also interfere if I'm correct.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.