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amdvlk64.dll crash on radeon hd 8850m

Question asked by fai1coder on Mar 4, 2019

Hi everyone

So I have following system:

Win 8.1

Radeon HD 8850m (shows in device manager as R9 M200X). Also intel card is present

Driver version (date 04.07.2017)

Crimson ReLive 17.7.1

Vulkan driver version 1.5.0

Vulkan API version 1.0.39
Vulkan SDK 1.1.101

amdvlk64 stored in DriverStore and having product version modified 5.07.17

amd-vulkan64.json stored in DriverStore too, see attach (actually had to modify it to make vulkan run - instead of "api_version" there was "abi_versions" and vkvia coudn't parse it) :

So the two ways my problem is manifesting are:

1. vkvia fails with segfault apparently when trying to run vkCreateInstance. Previous info seems to be acquired correctly. See the attach

2. and the code also fails when trying to create vkCreateInstance (on other machines it works fine) with access violated in amdvlk64.dll

For the code the vulkan call stack is:


Someone suggested to make sure that the correct device is getting picked but this happens before any device creation.