A8-7680 R7 driver problem (?)

Discussion created by tomkasz on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by kurios

It's high time to admit (AMD) to have an A8-7680 processor in your portfolio, which I bought at official Polish distribution. This is an authentic AMD processor. It's high time to publish the official information about it on and immediately improve the graphics card drivers for Windows so that they work properly. As of today Radeon driver both the one automatically installed with Windows Update and the latest available 19.1.1 it does not work at all on Windows 7 and Windows 10. Bluescreen appears when installing, on a clean installation of Windows 10 bluescreen is already on the installation of drivers, and then on average every second run. On Windows 7 after installing the driver bluescreen appears every time. I don't write here about 3 frames per second in some game but about the operation of a brand new processor. Although how to work something that AMD doesn't admit and in principle Radeon drivers don't support this integrated R7 card ;-) ... because it doesn't exist :-). In the case of the open source amdgpu driver on Linux everything works properly. I attach a decoded kernel memory dump from Windows 10.


Is this the only place where I can report this type of problem to AMD?

If it's a hardware problem then I'm sorry for the reason in advance, but when you buy a processor, it's expected that the manufacturer will admit to it and provide drivers that at least the desktop of Windows will display stable :-).