Can't open Radeon Settings

Discussion created by motaku96 on Jan 26, 2019
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Win10 Pro 64bit


Dual monitor

Acer XR341CK, Display port, 3440x1440, 75hz

XF270HU, Display port, 2560x1440, 144hz

ASRock, Z170M Pro4S

Intel Core i5 6600K

Corsair 500W

16GB ram


Computer is running fine, but for some reason I can't open the radeon settings in the system tray. You know, the thing that lets me access specific settings for different games or wattman. I did a full uninstall with DDU and AMD's own driver uninstaller and installed the latest driver from the site but it's still not working.

When the computer starts up, I can see the Radeon Settings tray icon and can right click it but if I try to select Open settings, it just disappears. If I try to go to the start menu and open Radeon settings it creates the tray icon and same thing, I can't double click on it or right click, it just disappears.

I've attached a little video of what I'm talking about. In the video, I go to start menu and open the file AMD Radeon Settings to make the tray icon appear but I can't do anything beyond that.

I don't actually get any errors by the way. It doesn't say application has stopped running or anything like that. It just disappears.