New Radeon Drivers Tied to Crashes?

Discussion created by mozart123 on Jan 24, 2019
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Hi, I have been having problems with my new rig and, apparently the source is its Radeon drivers. In brief, the problem and symptoms:


- At least once each day, and usually multiple times, this brand-new machine random does spontaneous reboots, sometimes a complete restart, sometimes returning to a frozen black screen with just the system logo. The reboots happen with just the desktop showing and the PC not being used, or while browsing, or within a game--almost as if what the system’s doing at the time doesn’t matter. It’s definitely not an issue of stressing the hardware or doing anything unusual.

- Also, sometimes (about every third time), the system won’t return from Sleep mode, and instead either freezes or reboots.

- The Alienware Support Assist troubleshooting history report that shows up after every unwanted crash/reboot points to the Radeon drivers, in particular the atikmdag.sys line. A screenshot of the latest event is attached, showing that it's all that's pointed to.


This leads me to believe that there is a Radeon driver problem. I’ve re-downloaded and re-installed the new Adrenaline 19.1.1 driver package multiple times, this last time using the Radeon clean install utility first to remove all traces of the former installation. All other drivers on the machine have been updated too. All with no visible improvement resulting. 


My Configuration:


Alienware Aurora R7

Intel i5 8400 CPU

8GB 2666 MHz RAM Installed

Windows 10 64-bit Version 10.0.17763

Radeon RX580 8GB

Radeon  Adrenaline 19.1.1 drivers

Alienware 850 Watt Multi-GPU Approved P/S

Monitor: LG 24MP59G running at 1920x1080, with FreeSync


So far, the official support team has not so far been able to figure out a solution, and they and I have done many in-depth hardware and software diagnostics, on every piece of hardware and the Windows OS as well.


Any thoughts/ideas are welcomed!