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Repeat install request driver 18.10.1

Question asked by joecrow on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by joecrow

My guess is this is a further instance/issue of the 18.12.2/3 saying there is a new version available, however in my case it concerns an older driver and it a real problem rather than just a nuisance.

Here is what happened:-

I decided to try out version 18.12.3 but ran into some resume from sleep issues and decided to go back to the last driver I knew was ok which was 12.10.1 but although I used DDU and disconnect from the internet for all the uninstalls/installs, now whenever I start up or restart the system I get a screen asking me to install the video drivers see attached screenshots.

I have turned notifications off but it made no difference and because this screen comes up on top it is interfering in the auto start and the gui of an important app. It is a real nuisance there must be some way to get rid of it but how, it was not there prior to the install of 18.12.3 so something from that is still around despite the DDU clean.


Help anyone???????


Win 10 x64 1809 (though also with 1803)

Mobo Gigabyte GA-990xa-ud3 bios ver FD

CPU amd FX 8350, 8GB ram

GPU RX 460 2GB