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Is a A* 5600k a quad core?

Question asked by thomascole on Jan 1, 2019
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I recently built a computer. I purchased a used board. Asus a88xm-plus with a A8 5600k APU. I built this system under the intentions that the APU had 4 cores. I wanted something more powerful than my Athlon dual core. Now that I have finished this build. I can see that it doesn't seem to be a quad core? Well it doesn't have 4 processing cores. Which I seem to be a little confused about? CPUID says I have 4 cores and 4 threads. The ASUS bios says it is a Dual core. Windows system resource monitor says 2 cores 4 threads.  Steam system info says 2 cores 4 threads. Everywhere on the Internet says it is a quad core.  Some even saying it has 4 cores. It still is a lot more powerful than my Athlon. I was just confused on this? Does it have 4 cores and I'm just not turning on\off something in bios?