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AMD Radeon Setting Will Not Open

Question asked by greatkronos on Dec 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by -=scorpion=-

Hi Everyone, I was updating my AMD software and driver to the recent 18.12.3

so that I would be up to date. However after the update the AMD setting application

would not pop up after trying to launch it. I had first noticed it when was trying to adjust some setting,

after trying to launch the application it would start the small applet and in task manager it would show the

service running for a brief moment then immediately close right after; when going to click on the applet it would

disappear before i could have a chance to click on it. I could open it multiple times and multiple applets and services

would show but the moment I go to try and click on it or even hover my mouse over it the applet would disappear. I have tried to uninstall

and reinstall the software, soon after I did a "clean" install, still nothing. Ran DDU in safe mode and uninstalled all amd drivers and software,

did a "clean" install as well. Still nothing, I have tried to go back one version to 18.12.2 using the same methods but to no avail the AMD Setting application

would not launch.I eventually went through my local disk and navigated the AMD folder and found the actual amd setting application and

tried to launch it. it finally gave me an (several).ddl errors I went through downloaded and put them in the folder and in system (32) and (x84).

Tried it once more, i got an error code that essentially said do the same things i have done previously.



- i5 6500

- 16 gb ddr4 2400

- 2 rx 580 8gb (i just got the second card in hopes of doing crossfire, only to have this issue appear)



AMD Settings

AMD Radeon Adrenalin 18.12.3