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    Fan curves not curving/ramping




      I have an XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB and have installed the lastest drivers (Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.2).

      I have adjusted the fan curve as required to keep the card cool under load (almost 100% all the time...) and everything works as commanded: The fan go to their requested speeds at the requested temperature.

      However, this is the problem here: they don't ramp up. They just go straight to the specified % without fading or anything. Like at 80C they'll go from say 60% to 70% all of a sudden. No smooth ramping from 60% to 70% fan as the card goes up in temps. The card being very loud at anything above 50% fan this is quite anoying as under gaming condition the fan will spin faster/slower randomly instead of simply easing it's way to the requested %.

      Is this normal operation? Is there something wrong with my card? Maybe I don't have the correct drivers?


      Sidenote: When leaving the fans to auto, they seem to ramp from one % to another. However, for a reason that escapes me, the fans won't ramp up over like 25-30% even when the card reaches temps above 90C (instead the Radeon Settings software shows a useless notification: Your card exceeded recommended temps)



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          Please post a screenshot of your Wattman settings


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            The fan controls now IMHO now just suck. It's is like they sat around going how can we make this less intuitive and work even worse.

            That being said I did get it figured out. Below is a screen shot of my new settings that mimic what I had before. However as others have noted in another thread, once you go to manual the fan never completely will turn off again. So don't know why that is? Bug or intentional. Really doesn't matter as I have no choice but to run custom settings as the default settings still crash in game every time. As they say the more things change, the more they stay the same.

            Anyway my settings:



            I don't have my Min Acoustics set like that. That was a mistake, have it a default.

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              Yep, this is impressively bad. Not only can I no longer use Afterburner to control my fan as before (yes, I'm testing with afterburner closed), but my Powercolor reference Vega64 now sounds like a rejected leafblower. The fan speed changes drastically, multiple times per second, as if it's polling 100 times per second and adjusting the fan likewise.


              Now my choice is to either roll back or just set a static fan speed of around 70% while I'm gaming on my toaster oven of a graphics card.

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                I currently have the same issue with the same card (XFX RX480 8GB "Black Edition" (Reference Design not the GT model)). Running without adjusted fancurves isn't an option for me too :/
                On the older version I was able to set a temperature limit and a max fan speed and it would speed the fan up until it reaches the desired temp. For me the problem while gaming is that it is constantly switching between two fan states which really gets annoying and doesn't sound too good for the fan.