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Someone could help please! :(

Question asked by mfornari on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by mfornari

Hey guys, i got a huge problem, i have an video card on my nootbook  msi-fx420 core i5 and 6 ram 2,30 GHz, one is a intel 3000 and another is AMD hd 7400, but its really tough i can't play any game because of the low fps, also is usually lagging with just a common usage. I play World of warcraft but in the settings it doesn't show me to switch to AMD video card, only the intel one appears. I already updated the drivers but it doesn't work, i dont know what is happening it's worse than my other nootbook wich is core i3, 4 ram and don't have an video card. recently i upated windows 7 to 10, i  think it has a non-recognition problem of the windows and the video card,  i hope you guys could help me, please.