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Ryzen Master dont work.

Question asked by varahil on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by amdmatt

Good day!

Recently I changed R3 1200 to R5 2600, to MOBO AB350M-ds3h (F23), after that I installed Ryzen Master (Win10x64), and it did not start ... It starts up more precisely, but for a split second, and then disappears. In the resource monitor, in front of AMD ryzen master.exe, is marked “Interrupted”, nothing is displayed in system events about this. Could this be due to the disabled HPET in the BIOS and Windows? I did not have time to check it yesterday ... I reinstalled the driver for the chipset from the GIGABYTE website. I also noticed that the AUTOTUNE function in EasyTune is gray (not active) and does not show sensor readings (temperature, voltage, fan speed, etc.). On R3 1200 RM will work well.

With 1200 (29.05.2018 dont kbow the version) and 2600 (28.11.2018, is right after it update to 1.51)) i download RM at AMD official site, i want try test old versions, but dont know where to get it...

In general, the main question is, what could be the reason for this behavior?


I apologize for my bad english.