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    AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Profile


      Hello everyone,


      I upgraded to an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor and installed all drivers etc.

      I realized that AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Profile keeps my cpu at idle state to aprox. 3.9GHz

      I selected the Windows Balanced profile and now lows to 2.2GHz when idle.

      Of course Cool & Quiet etc. are normally enabled at BIOS.

      Is that normal? Do I have to do anything special?


      PC Specs

      O/S: Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809 RS5

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

      M/B: Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 (BIOS v1.50)

      GPU: MSI Radeon R9 390X 8GB Gaming

      RAM: G.Skill FlareX F4-3200C14D-16GFX

      PSU: Seasonic 1000W (Focus Gold 80+)

      HDD: SanDisk Ultra II 960GB

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          Hi el_arantis


          All is normal, AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Profile is recommended for work according the 2700X specs designed by AMD Architects Engineers and Developers, the only thing you have to do is keep enjoying.



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              Thank you billy72 for your reply.


              My questioning has more to do with the fact that with the use of AMD's profile, the idle temperatures are higher because clocks stay high all the time (3.9GHz)

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                  please post 2 screenshosts, one with AMD Balanced and other with Windows Balanced using your program for temps control

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                      As I've seen in the profile the "Minimum Processor State"

                      is 5% for Windows Balanced Profile and 90% for AMD's Profile.

                      WIN Balanced.jpg

                      AMD Balanced.jpg

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                          Your temps are normal, the VCORE are normal, there is no reason to worry.


                          Your 2700X:

                          works always at 3.9Ghz?

                          does not go down to around 3.7ghz?
                          neither goes up to around 4.2Ghz?


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                              The clocks for all cores are not stable and change every second from 3.7GHz-4.3GHz, mean 3.9-4.0GHz

                              I suppose at completely calm condition cpu should go back to 2.2GHz

                              For example my old Phenom II (720 BE, 965 BE, 1100T BE) had idle clocks at 800MHz and FX 8350 at 1.4GHz

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                                  This recent Thread at REDDIT is very similar to what you are asking concerning Windows or Ryzen Master Balance Plan for the Ryzen 2xxx CPUS: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/8k910o/we_need_a_consensus_on_which_power_plan_to_use/


                                  It may answer you question. Some Users comments from above thread link:



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                                  I find windows balanced to be the best for my 2700x. XFR2 does a great job boosting when needed. Idle 2.2Ghz, Boosts 4 cores to 4.35Ghz and all cores 4.25. When I use ryzen profile all cores boosted to 4.25ghz but I don't see high single core boosts as often.



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                                  The way I understand it is that Ryzen Balanced was better than Windows Balanced when first gen Ryzen came out, but all the important stuff was incorporated into Windows Balanced with the Fall 2017 Windows 10 update.



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                                  no, amd_robert said in a reddit post about 2 weeks ago to use windows balanced. ryzen balanced is the same or is just plain legacy.

                                  now why they havnt removed ryzen balanced is unclear to me.



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                                  Windows balanced. No overclocks. Ive tested at 41x vs xfr2 enabled at stock. Xfr2 always win right now atleast. (Stock cooler)

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                                    I have applied AMD Ryzen Balanced profile (CPU min 90% max 100%) on my system without OC and Global C-States default value in BIOS (Auto)




                                    as you can see my voltages in idle state drop down to around 0.4v


                                    It's the same behavior on your system?

                                    when you applies AMD Ryzen Balanced 90-100% the voltages drops down to around 0.4v when idle state?

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                                      You can change the "Ryzen Balanced" profile to have a minimum processor state of 5% by editing the profile in Windows.  This is incidentally the level built into the regular "Balanced" profile in Windows.


                                      It actually isn't ideal to use the "Ryzen Balanced" profile with a processor/motherboard combination that supports precision boost overdrive.  PBO will attempt to boost two cores as high as it can in lightly threaded CPU workloads.  However, the boost won't kick in unless 25% of the cores reside in C6 state. The minimum processor state in the "Ryzen Balanced" profile is simply to high to allow that to happen.


                                      So for an X470 motherboard/Ryzen 2000 series combo I would recommend the "Balanced" profile with PBO enabled.

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                                          Thanks for the post ajlueke, very interesting!


                                          as you can see in 2nd screenshot posted by el_arantis their voltages are fixed around 1.4v when AMD Ryzen Balanced is applied, this can only happen when OC has been performed, Ryzen X 2000-series have been designed not to be OCed and leave the power / performance management to the motherboard through XFR and PBO

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                                              Essentially, PBO is determining the all core boost state around 4.1 GHz and the Ryzen Balanced profile doesn't allow the processor to go below 90% of that (~3.9 GHz) with the elevated voltages in place to maintain those clocks..  Where in the Balanced profile, it can drop all the way down to 5%, so the behavior is quite normal.


                                              I was simply pointing out, that in the Ryzen 2000 series, PBO will actually dynamically raise 2 cores to 4.35 GHz if the workload is lightly threaded.  That gives increased performance vs an all core 4.1 GHz boost.  However, that will only happen if enough cores are in the C6 (resting) state, which will never happed with the Ryzen Balanced profile enabled.


                                              The Ryzen Balanced profile was introduced for the Ryzen 1000 series to help with performance degradation due to core parking, but it isn't really as helpful with the 2000 series and an X470 motherboard.  With the Balanced profile you will get the much lower idle clocks and voltages, the all core boost frequency will be identical, and you'll also get a higher frequency boost when only some of the cores are occupied with threads.

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                                                  I'm enjoying and learning through your comments, fantastic!!


                                                  about the only screenshot that I've shared before:


                                                  ASUS Prime X370-Pro and Ryzen 7 2700X, not OCed, PBO=enabled, Global C-State=Auto, AMD Ryzen Balanced applied (90%min-100%max) and my Vcore are not fixed around 1.4v, applying Windows High Performance (100%min-100%max) are also not 1.4v fixed,  my screenshot proves it.


                                                  My conclusion based on my experience: regardless of the performance profile applied in Windows my vcore is never fixed around 1.4v with PBO enabled in BIOS, drop down to 0.4v and goes up to 1.5v.

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                                                      Do you actually see the processor boost higher on lightly threaded workloads?  In 3DMark Timespy for example, you should see the clock of the CPU boost higher on the GPU tests vs the CPU test.  PBO was a launch feature for the X470 chipset, and some vendors have back ported compatibility to the older X370 chipset.


                                                      The implementation may not be working correctly on your motherboard.  What is really interesting in your screen shot, is not only are the minimum clock speeds well below 90% of the maximum.  When you set Ryzen Balanced, the processor shouldn't be able to drop below 90% of it's max state, so it will always apply the necessary voltage to maintain that.   But, your system is clearly allowing the processor to drop lower, which is not how the Ryzen Balance profile should operate.


                                                      So you may be seeing some strange behavior based on the PBO implementation on a X370 chipset.  While el_arantis is seeing everything behave normally on X470.

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                                                          I'm totally agree with you


                                                          I'm sure my motherboard has not been implemented PBO 2 (actually latest BIOS 4024 PinnaclePI-AM4 when other motherboards manufacturers are implemented in their B350 and X370 chipsets), consequently I'm not enjoying the latest evolution offered by AMD and the X470 chipset .... a response from el_arantis would be fantastic to compare results


                                                          please can you share your experience with Ryzen 7 2700X and X470 chipset?


                                                          It would be very interesting for me

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                                      The changes made in the Ryzen Balanced Power were added into the Windows Balanced Power Profile during the release of Redstone 4. So, you can use the Windows Balanced Power Profile from hereon in.

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