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Is the asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 adequate enough for an FX 9590?

Question asked by nevalthyus_71j* on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by black_zion

Dear folks,

My name is Christopher, I am a fan and user from Athens, Greece. My current msi 970 gaming board has a defect on it's slow switch and it's time tomake a move to something else, while saving good money for my threadripper sweetheart system


I am currently with my old but trusted Phenom II 1055T, but I found a honest-I think at least, lol- seller on ebay who sells this board, new -as he claims-complete with it's accessories.I will be upgrading my PSU to 1200 certified one for that upgrade, keeping my trusted corsair TX 850 V2 for my system dedicated to my Phenom.The system regarding the 9590 if purchased will be hosted on my corsair obsidian 750d full case, with aio corsair 110i gt.I have the lovely, amazing sapphire r9 390 OC backplate 8GB vga, and sixteen gb's of ram, along with three ssd's and two mechanical drives.


I am asking for your expertise and honest opinion on whether this board will be able to handle the fx 9590 correctly, without issues.I won't overclock, and I want it to last as much as possible, as I love and take good care of my systems.Please let me know what I can expect, and if there are any precautions I need to keep in mind.


Thank you for your attention,

loving amd from 2010 and Lisa too!