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"AMD User experience Program" drains internet bandwith

Question asked by jellemees on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by boggen

I'm currently on driver 18.10.2.



Last couple of days I was getting HUGE lag spikes ingame due to packet loss and my Streamlabs OBS was reporting massive amounts of dropped frames, up to 30%.


I upgraded my LAN driver, changed multiple settings on my internet adapter and even called my ISP.

Strange thing was. It was only happining while uploading ( in this game streaming ) and gaming at the same time.


So after a while ( and I know it's stupid, should have done it sooner ), I just looked at my internet usage in the task manager, ans I saw AMD User experience Program using up to 30Mbit bandwith every few seconds. This cripple my upload speed while streaming, causing the packet loss ingame and the dropped frames in my stream.


I googles for this issue, and found another AMD user with a simular problem:


I applied the suggested fix, and all my problems are gone now. I have no problem with AMD collecting data, but please do so with a bandwith limit, because 10-30Mbit uploads are not needed...