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Low not full GPU load, not full CPU load, low fps. Low game settings low fps, high game settings higher fps, but stuttering. Could somebody help?

Question asked by andrey300x on Nov 4, 2018

Hello there!


I have very strange issues. I have RX 560 gpu and phenom x4 955 cpu.

I'm playing Dirt rally and Forza Motorsport 6 on Windows 10:

When I'm playing Dirt on high settings, gpu load always jumps from 1% to 100 % and CPU load is stable 50-60%.

But my fps jumps from 40 to 60. Why I have unstable fps, despite I never have 100% gpu and cpu load?

I tried to set lower settings and this didn't help. I have the same fps on almost every settings


The same problem is with Forza, but when I set low setting my fps is decently lower than on high settings

I have stable 28 fps on low settings and ca. 60 fps on high settings, but with annoying stutterings in game.


Could somebody help?