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Radeon 7750 Eyefinity 6M (6x MiniDP) with six HDMI monitors? Possible?

Question asked by ulflun on Oct 27, 2018

Hi everyone!


I think I might have ran into a wall here. I have six consumer TV's with HDMI ports I would like to connect to my Radeon HD 7750 EYE 6 card with six mini-DisplayPort outputs.

I realized the card only works with two displays (miniDP>HDMI) with passive adapters. Further it needs active (DPP+/Eyeinfinity) adapters. My problem: According to AMD support it says it only have support for two active adapters: "Maximum two active adapters supported. See for full details.".

Since the TV:s do not have DVI or DisplayPort (MST support) - is it somehow possible to get all six TV:s working with my card?

The motherboard is a ITX ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac with a integrated HDMI-port, I don't have a second PCI-Express port. And I don't think my Socket 1150 Pentium G3000-series has integrated graphics, Im willing to upgrade the cpu if needed.


Can I somehow find equipment to go miniDP>DP (MST /1.2) and then convert it to HDMI? Any ideas? HDMI Matrix? The TV:s support 4K but I'm happy with 1080p. I need the displays to be in extended mode.

Any ideas? Or should I start over... what is the most affordable choice? DisplayLink USB 3.0 adapters? I found this: "Products like the Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II or ATI FirePro™ V9800 support up to 6 displays without any need for DisplayPort 1.2-compatible hubs or monitors. These manufacturers have designed unique solutions with additional DisplayPort outputs, which obviate the need for such equipment. "


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