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Graphical glitches in Chrome. (sometimes during video playback and on normal websites)

Question asked by seroy on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by pokester

GPU:   AMD Vega 56 (Stock without any changes to it clock or voltage, and the GPU is also new)

CPU:   AMD R7 1700

OS:     Win 10 Pro Build 1803

Driver Version Installed : 2018.1010.1801.32425   (18.10.1)

Display Device :     Acer G206HQL

                               ViewSonic VX2363

Motherboard: Gigagabyte AB350 Gaming 3 F.23

Power Supply: 650Watt Seasonic S12II




Chrome has some graphical glitches this happens sporadically (atleast I couldn't pinpoint it to a specific situation/cause). I added a picture below.


There is also a glitch in the video playback which happens only sometimes on Videos that are running in Chrome, this happens most of the time for a short period of time when the window is minimized/maximized, this is a serperate issue as the first mentioned since this only affects video playback in Chrome, while the first one glitches a small span of the window.


During all of this nothing was running in the background except Chrome. (VSR, GPU Scaling etc. are off)


It seems like I'm not the only one who experienced this and is a bit more common