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Please help me update my AMD drivers for Radeon HD7900 Series

Question asked by parkerswitzer on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by parkerswitzer

Hello, I need help updating my AMD drivers. I'm very poor with hardware and I'm not sure how to do since every avenue I've used to do it in the past has been seemingly stripped from me. Windows 10 hasn't politely told me I needed to update in a very long time, my "AMD Radeon Settings" only has "Preferences" and "Notifications" at the bottom along with the social media links (the "Update" tab has disappeared) and I can no longer find the AMD auto-detect tool on the website. According to the settings I'm using a Radeon HD 7900 series but when I search for that on the AMD site I get no results. Could someone point me towards the latest update for a HD 7900?


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