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AMD Radeon Pro Duo install Centos 7.5

Question asked by tomhome on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by elstaci

Hi Everybody,

First post here and I am really frustrated so I thought y'all might be able to help as I can't find anything on line. Im trying to install the latest driver for the Radeon Pro Duo on Centos 7.5 and when I install it, it works fine. All my software loads correctly and everything is gravy. When I reboot, though, I get one of two things, its either hanging on "starting GOME desktop manager....ices....shutdown" or "started update utmp about system runlevel changes" and it wont boot. When I remove the rbgh quiet command I see that it gets hung on "ipv6 addreconf: link becomes ready" I can get into multi-user mode by editing the kernel temporarily and uninstall the amd drivers then use init 5 to get to the user interface and everything works again.


Things Ive tried:

Pretty much all the different drivers on the AMD site.

Disabling ipv6 in the network settings.

Reinstalling centos 7 fresh

updating kernels

not updating kernels

disabling nouveau


I followed the guide on the AMD site for installing linux drivers, and like I said, everything installs fine, I just dont know if Im missing something. I know the nouveau is for nvidia, but I had in my old computer I had an Nvidia card and I had to disable it, I just thought Id try it. Im really at a loss here.



Asus prime x399-a

AMD threadripper 1950x

radeon pro duo 32gb

128 gb ram