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New Ryzen 5 2600x build random Freezing daily..

Question asked by killabyte86 on Aug 23, 2018
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Hello Everyone longtime lurker first time poster. I have built several PCs in my lifetime but this one surely has me scratching my head and I am hoping to figure out if I need to return something or if something I have in this build isnt playing nicely with something else. Just this past weekend I built a new system everything is new except the GPU as I am using an older GPU since gaming/video editing isnt a thing I do, I am a Network Engineer by trade and work from home so I am in need of a decently fast rig for my daily duties. I will list below what I bought and then the GPU that I already had and then my symptoms below that...




PSU - THERMALTAKE 650w Power Supply

**GPU I am using - (ASUS RADEON HD6670 2GB/DDR3)

Symptoms -

When I first installed the Windows 10 Pro OS, that first day the system would randomly just freeze up, sometimes it happened when I was working sometimes it happened when Idol, I also was getting BSOD issues and the exact error it listed in the crash dump was something like (WATCHDOG.CLOCKWORK..SOMETHING) I do apologize I do not have it anymore, I was actually able to get passed the BSOD screens when I researched this error and found a post saying that this can be due to Ryzen CPU's running on an older build of Windows 10 and to reinstall OS with newest build possible, so I blew away everything and did just that and since that day no other BSOD have occured. HOWEVER.....the freezing still happens, several times a day at completely random times, and while the system is in all different states. It has been so hard to pinpoint because it does really happen just randomly and some days it will happen 3 times, some times 6-7 times a day but never 0 times a day like I would like it to. When I say freezes what I am saying is just that it completely just freezes, screens are still up still have display, mouse and keyboard are locked, sometimes it looks like its trying to recover as the cursor will go to the loading wheel symbol but nothing, I have to manually shut down and power back on, the other thing I have noticed is when I reboot, If I just hit the RESET button on case when its locked up it will restart and then become STUCK at the ASUS POST screen and once again just locked up. I have to manually shut the PSU switch off and on again and then it will restart and go past the ASUS POST screen and boot into Windows normally. Below I will list thins I have tried to fix this issue and to figure out what is happening when this freezing takes place......



  1. Tried a completely different model of Power Supply
  2. Taken one 8gb Memory DIMM out and left only one in
  3. Removed Heatsink and CPU, cleaned and re-applied thermal compound
  4. Updated BIOS to latest version
  5. Ran ALL Windows 10 updates/security patches
  6. Tried to OC the CPU
  7. Tried to OC the RAM
  8. Tried to take CPU down to 3.4ghz
  9. Tried to take RAM down to 1333mhz
  10. Tweak settings in AI Suite
  11. Turned on OC Tuner/ Turned off OC Tuner
  12. Made sure GPU has latest firmware


I am really at a loss here guys, I have never had an issue like this, an even when I research I see ppl having similar issues and all the fixes that they list I feel I have tried which is some of the things listed above but nothing seems to work. Just praying that someone can assist or it is something simple that I havent tried or thought of. I am def not the smartest when it comes to building or GPU's in general. I usually will use integrated graphics as I do not game however this board or CPU did not have. Two things I am wondering is, is this GPU possibly not compatible for this build? Or Is the RAM I chose not compatible with this build? I have heard that Ryzen CPU's are picky with RAM and I didnt verify the QVL for my Mobo.

Any help much appreciated, thanks everyone!